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VRS191 – Airbnb Mastery with Eric Moeller

Today’s guest is an investor, home renovator, and Airbnb entrepreneur; the host of the upcoming Airbnb Mastery Summit and founder of Hometel – a luxury property Airbnb management service. Erics expertise in home renovation and investment is rooted in an early interest in the topic after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad at age […]


8 Reasons to Attend the Vacation Rental Success Summit

When we were thinking about the why of putting on a face-to-face conference back in early 2016, we brainstormed a ton of reasons people would have to attend. And then I saw this blog post from the founder of the Agents of Change podcast and organizer of the Agents of Change annual conference. It listed […]


Well, that’s a wrap!

As I looked around the now-empty auditorium with just the audio tech finishing off his packing up, I felt a little emotional. Maybe it was still the adrenalin in my system, or the euphoria generated by the goodbye hugs and farewells from new friends who I knew I’d be in touch with again soon. Or […]


VRS074 – Selling a Vacation Rental Home with Rick Oster

If you are a reader of this blog and you listen to the podcast, it will not have escaped you that I have listed my two river front cottages for sale. I need to sell them before we begin to build on our Bahamas land, so as you can imagine, I’m quite keen to get […]


12 Pleas from a Vacation Rental Guest

Am I a nit-picky guest? Yes, I probably am. After all, I have rented countless vacation homes over the past twenty years, in the UK, Europe, Canada, the US and the Caribbean. Each comes with its own quirks, and I am very tolerant of most. I’ve owned many rental homes too and learned a lot […]


VRMA 2014 Conference Round-Up

Imagine spending 3 days of networking, attending presentations and learning sessions, interspersed with talking to industry suppliers and you’ll appreciate I’ve got a lot to share from the Vacation Rental Managers Associiation conference in San Diego! The final count of attendees was over 1000 – a new record for the event and further proof that […]


Are You a Dinosaur….or Vacation Rental Mobile Ready?

I don’t like to label myself, but in issues of technology I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with the speed of progress, the wealth of new gadgets and gizmos, and most of all, the ability of my 2 year old granddaughter to operate an iPad. My label would be ‘recovering dinosaur’! I’ve seen the light and […]


It’s A Pretty Safe Bet That No Vacation Rental Owner Can Beat These Results

  Guest post by Matt Landau – Vacation Rental Marketing Blog     We’ve all seen the makeover shows when an ugly guy or an overweight gal are — through the power of absurd dieting, expensive surgery, and a healthy dose of TV magic — transformed into sparkling human specimens in a period of 60 minutes! […]

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