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VRS202 – Survival of the Fittest With Steve Milo

In 2006, Steve Milo of Vacation Rental Pros had 15 properties under management and a lot of ambition to grow his company. By 2015 when I interviewed him last on VRS094, VRPs inventory had increased to just over 900. In this episode, Steve describes how that number has doubled in the past two years with […]


VRS200 – 200 Episodes Of Vacation Rental Success

200 podcasts and well over a quarter of a million downloads, and we are still going strong! In this episode, Mike and I talk about the changes we’ve seen over the past four years and some of the things that have caused us to scratch our heads and wonder where the industry is headed. One […]


VRS196 – Vacation Rental Insurance Explained with Darren Pettyjohn

Insurance may not seem the most exciting of topics but it is one that impacts every single one of us, whether it’s a single condo or multiple properties. The moment we exchange our property (or a part of it) for money, we are in business, and that brings with it all manner of risks. In […]


VRS195 – Welcoming Vacation Rental Families in Style with Mary Ostyn

Creating a family-friendly vacation home is challenging, not least because children of different ages have different needs. Unless you have recent experience of vacationing with a lot of kids in tow, how can you really know what is going to make the experience the best possible? Should you provide lots of baby stuff? What types […]

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