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VRS156 – Vacation Rental Design Made Easy with Sarah Honaker

Design and décor is an overlooked topic in most vacation rental expert websites and podcasts, including this one! When I looked back over the last 150+ episodes, there’s only been one that really focuses on design and that was back in September 2014, with Mercedes Brennan. With so much emphasis on staging and great photography […]


VRS151 – The Case For Abandoning Vacation Rental Damage Deposits

This episode might trigger some argument and I think that’s a good thing. It’s a discussion that’s populated forums across the the VR world since the business really began and as we move into the mainstream of tourism accommodation we might need to revisit our practices. Why do we insist on punishing 98% of our […]


VRS132 – Vacation Rental Property Management with a Difference with Darik Eaton

I had the pleasure of co-presenting a workshop session at the Vacation Rental Success Summit with Darik Eaton of Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. In my discussions with Darik beforehand we explored the differences between our two companies and they could not have been wider. In this episode he explains why his model works and how […]


VRS098 – Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Reservation System with Seb Grosjean

One of my favourite parts of interviewing vacation rental professionals is that they are from around the world. And today’s guest called in from Greece so that’s another country to add to my geographical portfolio! Seb Grosjean could be called a hybrid developer because he’s a mix of software engineer, property manager and vacation rental […]


VRS089 – Keeping on the Right Side of Your Vacation Rental Neighbours

In this episode Mike and I sit down and chat about two issues that affect every vacation rental owner – neighbour relations and general safety, and discuss the importance of emergency planning. I brought up the topic of keeping on side with the neighbours because I’m personally affected by super-noisy rental guests next door this […]


VRS045 – Managing Multiple Vacation Rental Properties with Oregon Owner Debi Hertert

Debi’s story of buying, renovating and marketing four separate (and very different) vacation rental properties is motivating and inspiring. From a career in patient care to a rewarding business in guest care, Debi has used all her skills of understanding the needs of people to create a welcoming environment and it shows in the consistent […]


Are Your Cleaning Staff in the Hospitality Business?

Who does the changeovers in your vacation rental property?  Do you use a property management company or a local independent cleaner?  Perhaps you do it yourself and are considering handing the task over to someone else. Regardless of who is doing the job for you, are you confident they understand the nature of our business, […]


15 Tips for Fall and Winter Tasks for Vacation Rental Properties

Now the busy season is over for most of us (winter hot spots just ramping up) take stock of the wear and tear of a long summer of rental and spend some time do all those things that tend to get set aside with the busy period of regular changeovers.  Here’s just a few tasks […]

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