VRS141 – The Ultimate Vacation Rental List of People and Companies to Follow


The ever popular mash-up with Matt is back again – this time with the list of companies and vacation rental experts we love.

Over the last year or so I’ve interviewed some great people, from established niche listing sites to tech startups to independent authorities on topics relevant to our business. Matt came up with the idea that we do a tag team episode on our favourites so off we went.

Tweet: An amazing list of #VacationRental companies and people to follow. Thx @CottageGuru @BookMoreNights http://ctt.ec/0OT7m+ Tweet: An amazing list of #VacationRental companies and people to follow. Thx @CottageGuru @BookMoreNights http://ctt.ec/0OT7m+


This is who we spoke about:

rental_united Rentals United
Vanessa de Souza Lage – Channel Management
VRS114 – Channel Management Uncovered with Vanessa de Souza Lage
get_properly Get Properly
Alex Nigg – The Ultimate Turnover Tool for Vacation Rental Hosts
VRS131 – Remote Vacation Rental Hosting with Alex Nigg & Tammi Sims
evolve_vacation_rental_network Evolve
An alternative to traditional property management
WeNeedAVacation Weneedavacation
A niche listing site for CapeCod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
VRS124 – Listing with a Niche Vacation Rental Site
GuestHook GuestHook
Andy McNulty & Jessica Vozel – Vacation rental copywriting agency
VRS095 – Hooking Your Guests with Great Copywriting with Jessica Vozel
the_distinguished_guest The Distinguished Guest
Alanna Schroeder – “Appointing your vacation rental like a resort hotel”
VRS031 – How to Give Your Vacation Rental Guests a Great Nights Sleep
91_digital 91 digital
Conrad O’Connell – Digital marketing for vacation rental companies
VRS116 – Digital Marketing for Vacation RentalsVRS130 – Paid Advertising For Vacation Rental
avroa AVROA
Rod Fitts – The Association Of Vacation Rental Operators & Affiliates
VRS115 – Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates
future_stay FutureStay
All in one website & reservation system
rented Rented.com
Andrew McConnell – wholesale marketplace for the sharing economy
VRS027 – Guaranteed Vacation Rental Income ExplainedVRS140 – Consolidation and Convergence
the_netmen_corp Netmencorp
Logo design and branding
one_rooftop One Rooftop
One stop shop for website design, reservation management system, channel management
redspiralhand Red Spiral Hand
Dawn Shears – Web design consultation and developer
Featured as part of:
VRS111 – Successful Vacation Rental Owner Series With Kim Bergstrom
JiveSystems Jive Systems
Will Franco – using video email to create a ‘digital handshake
VRS099 – The Digital Handshake With Will Franco
evelyn Evelyn Badia
Airbnb Hosting consultancy & webinars
VRF Vacation Rental Formula
Heather & Mike Bayer – Beginner to Advanced vacation rental training and tutorials
VRS109 – Launching the Vacation Rental Formula
VRMB Vacation Rental Marketing Blog
Matt Landau – Home of the Inner Circle
Featured in too many areas to list.


Most of these great people and sites offer a range of useful and free information via exceptional blogs on their sites. Check them out, and add any others you think should be included in the comments below.

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Heather Bayer

  • Interesting list. Rentals United just published theirs too!

    Nice to see AVROA mentioned.

    Head on off to https://www.smarthosts.org and add the list/links too.

  • Excellent podcast Heather. Thx.

  • Glad you stayed with it Terry despite the audio quality! I am trying to get it fixed and will update it when I do. Technology 1 Old Boomer 0

  • flywheel

    Thanks for the mention, Heather. It’s always great to listen to you and Matt chat.

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Heather and Matt. It’s always a pleasure to listen in on your conversations together. We’ll be here for you, when you’re ready. —Will Franco

  • Alanna: TheDistinguishedGuest

    Thanks for your kind words Heather & Matt! Having fun doing what I love every day and that is what makes it all worth it. Thanks for mentioning the makeovers as well…Ha! Tyann and I love doing those!

  • I just did an interview with Lynne Martin – she loved your time together!

  • Alanna: TheDistinguishedGuest

    I heard you did an interview with her…can’t wait to hear more 😉 It was a good time indeed!

  • Thank you for including Rented.com, Heather & Matt! 🙂

  • Thanks for thinking of OneRooftop.com, Heather and Matt!

  • Becky Fischer

    Thank you, Heather. Your information is always helpful and we so appreciate being included on this impressive list. We look forward to working together more in the future! Best, Becky and WeNeedaVacation team

  • NovaScotiaCottageLife

    What was the name of the website that Matt named to get opinion on one photo versus another… It’s like a poll site I think…

  • Thank you so much for the generous shout-out Matt & Heather. I only just realized this was up here because I was analyzing my website stats. Yes, I’m a small company but love what I do!